Jingyi Wang

I am currently a 4th year graduate student at MIT working with Prof. Erin Kara in the Kara Black Hole Group. My research interests are the accretion and ejection physics around black holes, the strongest gravity wells of spacetime in the universe. Two key questions are how close to the event horizon the infalling gases reach, and how the relativistic jets are launched. By studying these, we can understand better how the supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies can profoundly influence the galaxy evolution.

I majored in Physics at Fudan University in China, and obtained a BS degree in 2018. During my undergraduate, I worked with Prof. Cosimo Bambi on testing general relativity with black hole observations, and got a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship at Caltech and worked with the NuSTAR group, including Prof. Javier A. Garcia.

I grew up in Hangzhou, China, which is a very beautiful city famous for its "West Lake". In my spare time, I love reading, water coloring, journaling, and (film) photography!

Contact me at: jingyiw@mit.edu

“There is no pleasure more complex than that of thought and we surrendered ourselves to it.” -- Jorge Luis Borges